Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Indonesia's Plans to Privatise Coastline

I recently read how The Ecologist has discovered plans by Indonesia to privatise areas of coastline for aquaculture - 90,000km of it.

A new law known as HP-3 is soon to be passed, allowing all of the commonly-held land around coastal wasters (including the seabed up to 12km offshore) to be bidded on. As with auctions, the land will become the property of the highest bidder, and leases will last up to 60 years.
Many generations of people in small communities around the waters are sustainable and survive through small businesses and catching their own food. These include fish farming and mussel collecting. However, they now live in poor conditions, with industry growing around them, land becoming 'untouchable' by themselves and less stocks to catch. Industrial developments not only put a strain on biodiversity and ecosystems, but on the people's lives, as water becomes murky and disease spreads.

You can read more on the law here: http://indolaw.alafghani.info/2009/05/need-for-clarification-on-hp-3-rights.html

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