Monday, 25 July 2011

Google + (and a little food for thought)

I was invited to Google + today. It seems to be great for networking and I would be very interesting in meeting like-minded people, considering it is so hard to find anyone with similar interests to me in Stoke.

You can find me by simply typing Katy Malkin in google, or google +.
You will also find links to my Facebook and Twitter there.

I shall probably update again after this Saturday, when I have been to a skill sharing meeting with Friends of the Earth in Birmingham. I am piloting their Gamechagers programme and have only been to the first meeting and regional gathering so far, but it proved to be extremely interesting. At the moment they are gearing up for a big energy campaign, and it got me thinking. Are we trying to treat the syptoms or causes of climate change? There is so much talk at the moment about geoengineering but what about treating the problem of overpopulation? There are barely even talks on how to combat this, let alone actions.